Meow Meow Pow Pow is looking for prose and poetry that is exciting, incinerating, inclusive, accessible, and audacious. We love unpublished writers just as much as we love published writers (sometimes even more so). MMPP is more likely to publish work that is provocative and invigorating rather than overly complicated pieces of pomposity. Excite us with your garden-fresh flash and titillate us with your gutsy poems. Let us home your vigorous words and create art to accompany them. And after we marry your wise wordery, we’ll bring the lit to the great outdoors.

We publish based on a rotating theme that lasts for three months. See below for the latest premise and the cutoff dates. We love surprising interpretations of our themes; literal interpretations we’re less keen on. That being said, if we receive a piece that isn’t – in some way – reflective of the theme we’ll gnash our teeth and shake our fists at the heavens, and then send you a wimpy rejection letter. Don’t make us do that – we hate that.

Length of the work: our sweet spot is between 150 to 300 words. Anything over or under, we’ll be less psyched on. Poems? Let’s try to keep it under 25 lines, bbz. Please indicate in your title or cover letter whether this is prose or poetry.

​[Theme: brick & mortar]  

Stop hacking life. Scrape modernity away like layers of peeling old paint, and build from what you find underneath. Use your own hands until they crack, then use the cracks to draft your floor plan. Lay a foundation. Pull the color palette from that dream you had—you know it wasn’t black and white. Call everyone by their ancestors’ names. Will you shine the countertops with orange-scented oil or your own spit and shirtsleeve? What kind of a chime will you hang on the door? Discover something wrapped in tissue in an attic chest. Is this place you’ve made haunted or just full of charm? Does it have integrity? What bears the load?


Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit